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This is a brief description our Remote Maintenance and Trouble-Shooting services:

Key Benefits

bulletConvenient – Help is just a telephone call or email away
bulletMore economical then an on-site service call
bulletQuick response time


We will monitor your entire network with software that will notify us immediately if there is a problem with the network or attached computers or other devices.
We will access your computer via the internet monthly, delete old temporary files, check for lost file fragments, defragment your hard drive, check for adequacy of hard drive space, verify your anti-virus/anti-spyware programs are working properly, install any necessary Windows and Microsoft office critical updates as well as critical updates for programs such as Adobe Reader, Flash Player, QuickTime , Firefox and many other internet related programs. We will also leave a reminder to back up your system. If you have a tape backup drive with a tape in it, or an external drive that you backup to, we will even start the backup for you.
For many problems we are able to access your computer via the internet, diagnose and repair the problem. You can even sit at your computer and watch the screen as we fix it.
KEEP YOUR COMPUTER RUNNING SMOOTHLY (which helps keep your office running smoothly)
Regular maintenance and resolving problems that could be an indication of impending major system problems, is the best way to keep your computer running well. It is also a good way to become aware of system problems like possible hard drive failure before they become critical.

If you have questions about any of this information or need to schedule an appointment, please send a note to or call 503-656-2609.


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