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News Services Maintenance Viruses & Other Pests TipsIT problems? The Computer Lady specializes in resolving server, network and desktop computer issues. We provide a vast array of solutions to keep your computers running so you can keep your business running!



The following is a brief overview of our hardware specific services:

Key Benefits

bulletMany services are available on-site
bulletPickup and delivery available (in our service area)
bulletQuick response time
bulletA+ certified technicians


Server Installation
If your business is ready for its first network server, needs to add 1 or more additional servers or replace an existing server, The Computer Lady has the experience and expertise to handle the transition with the least amount of disruption to your business.
System Upgrades
Our service department has experience with the installation and configuration of a vast array of hardware products. We will install equipment that you have obtained from other sources or we will recommend and obtain the equipment for you. 
For many computer problems, it is difficult to determine if the source of the problem is hardware or software related. The Computer Lady has diagnostic tools available to assist in making that determination, and has the expertise to resolve the problem.
We install and configure a wide assortment of network hardware (both cabled and wireless), however we do not provide physical wiring services. The Computer Lady also provides configuration of network equipment such as routers, switches and bridges as well as configuring your PCs, servers, printers, etc. to access the network.
System Maintenance
Proactive system monitoring available to watch for any indication of imminent hardware failure. 

If you have questions about any of this information or need to schedule an appointment, please send a note to or call 503-656-2609.


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